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Our eyes require specific vitamins and minerals to maintain optimum eye health and function.The typical diet cannot always supply these vitamins and minerals in the right amounts.

The current medical research suggests that patients with a diagnosed personal history of retinal degeneration, macular degeneration and/or ocular hemorrhages might benefit from daily dietary supplements of mineral and "antioxidant" vitamins that include: ZINC, SELENIUM, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN E.

Some foods contain a higher than average amount of these vitamins and minerals:

ZINC ~ sunflower seeds, lentils and ricotta cheese
SELENIUM ~ shrimp, Brazil nuts, beef liver, and flounder
VITAMIN A ~ carrots, sweet potato, winter squash and spinach
VITAMIN C ~ guava, bell peppers, orange juice and cantaloupe
VITAMIN E ~ wheat germ, corn oil, peanuts and cucumber